Guru Gobind Singh Ji Birthday 2020 – 2 January 2020: Images, Wishes, Messages & Greetings!

Guru Gobind Singh Ji Birthday 2020 – 2 January 2020: Images, Wishes, Messages & Greetings! Today is Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti Birthday all Hindustan country. In 2020, Guru Gobind birthday falls on 1 January. His year is his 350th year birth anniversary. Guruji was the tenth Sikh guru of Nanak. We know that He was born on 22nd December 1666 in Patna, Bihar, India.

He became the tenth sikh guru of Nanak. He became the spiritual leader at the age of nine. Here is share all the necessary info about the Guru Gobind Singh 2020.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji birthday

Let’s go remember all his divine teachings and follow the path that Waheguru has showed American. Let’s us celebrate Happy Guru Gobind Singh Birthday Wishesthis year by spreading his teachings and share happiness to family and friends by sharing Gurpurab 2020 messages. Just read the full article.

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Guru Gobind Singh Ji Birthday Messages 2020:

>- “Warm wishes on Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti to everyone. Let us follow his teachings to have a successful and peaceful life…”

>-“Send across greetings messages and share WhatsApp status on Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti. Celebrate this auspicious day with happy Guru Gobind Singh ji birthday messages…”

>-“Have the latest Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti messages to share with family and friends…”

 >- “Without blessings of your teachers you cannot achieve your dreams. Let us seek blessings of Guru Gobind Singh on this auspicious occasion…”

Happy Guru Gobind Singh Messages 2020:

“May Guru Gobind Singh Ji bless you and your family with joy, peace and happiness for eternity; may he inspire us to be a better human being…” >Happy Guru Gobind Singh Ji <

“Have goal and work towards its completion and success. Do not let any hardship, no adversity impact your goal…” > Guru Gobind Singh Ji 2020<

“May happiness and blessings be in your life as we join together to remember the beloved guru Gobind singh …” >Happy Gurpurab<

“May The Name of WaheGuru, be In Your Heart. May Guruji’s divine love and blessings be with you always….” >Happy Gurpurab<

Guru Gobind Singh Birthday Messages:

>- “ “May Guru Gobind Singh ji be the guiding star who is always there to guide us to the right path in life. Warm wishes on this special occasion to all….”

 >- “ “Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Guru Gobind Singh ji who came in this world to empower us with knowledge and brighten our lives….”

Happy Guru Gobind Singh 2020 Quotes:

>- “All the people of the world are born under the same caste….. they are all humans…”

– “Strong men are not born but they are made, with constant hard work and dedication…”

Guru Gobind Singh Ji

>- “Asha hai ki Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti ka shubh parv aap ke bheetar bhar de naya josh aur nayi umang aur de rango se bhara Jeevan…”

>- “Satya ki raah par chalne wala humesha apni manzil paa leta hai…. Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti ke paavan avsar par aapko hardik badhaiyan…”

Guru Gobind Singh 2020 Wishes:

— “No one can take away the right of doing good to the masses from you…. If you are strong willed then fight till the end for what is right…” >Best wishes on Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti<

— “Khush naseeb hai wo insaan jiske sir par hai uske mata, pitah aur guru ka ashirvad….. Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti ki dher saari subh kamnayein…”

— “Guru Gobind Singh ji always inspired to be better, stronger and more responsible people of the society to create a better world….. Wishing you a very warm Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti.

— “Guru Purab ke avsar par hardik badhaiyan….. Jeet usi ki hai jisne mann mein thaan liya…. Haar kar bhi jo phir khada ho jaye, uske kamiyab hone se koi na rok paaye…”

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