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List of top NGOs in the World 2022

List of top NGOs in the World

There are many Non Government Organizations in the World. we are List of top NGOs in the World 2022 which are rank top. Since the last 52 years or so, the importance of National and International NGOs (INGOs) in the world has been highlighted more than ever. The trans national or organizations without borders concept has given a new meaning to the concept of an NGO. Just like interests associated with multinational corporations force states to alter their policies, rules, the fieldwork done by INGOs in different countries depicts their importance as well.

Now discussion, we are going to talk about the top 10 international NGOs in the world 2022. Let us see, how many of these have you heard of already!

List of top NGOs in the World

List Of Top Ngos In The World 2022
List of top NGOs in the World 2022

1. The Wikimedia Foundation

Wikimedia foundation – Who hasn’t used Wikipedia at least once in their life? This and many other projects of informative nature make The Wikimedia Foundation a unique sort of international NGO. We, one that believes in information’s importance rather than the profits that can be generated by selling it.


Brac – This prestigious NGO has the prestige of being the biggest NGO in the world. Originally concerned with sustainability projects and micro-financing in Bangladesh, BARC has expanded its area of services to many other countries of the world as well.

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3. Acumen fund

Acumen fund – Ever heard of angel investors? The nice folks or the organizations that help out start-ups with the seed money? Well, this New York-based organization is just an angel investor, but one with wings big enough to hide many start-ups under its shelter.

4. Danish Refugee Council

Danish Refugee Council – Since World War Two shook the world and caused a massive refugee issue, the Danish Refugee Council is on the move. It provides legal support to refugees as well as protects their fundamental human rights.

5. Partners in Health

Partners in Health – This is one of the most eminent global health NGOs. Started from Haiti and now serving in many countries of the world, this INGO believes in poverty alleviation.

Once a patient has enough funds, he or she can afford an expensive medical treatment with much more ease.

6. Ceres

Ceres – There are many NGOs that have realized the gravity of climate change, both at the local and international levels. One such INGO is Ceres. Core issues addressed at Ceres include water scarcity, bioenergy, sustainability, and a cleaner environment.

7. CARE International

Care – International – The portfolio of services is quite a diverse one, but the main issues addressed at CARE INGO include global poverty and female empowerment. Currently, CARE is operational in more than 84 countries in the world.

8. Médicins sans Frontières

Médicins sans Frontières – Providing medical help to those who need it on an immediate basis is the key role of this INGO. However, its ability to bear witness is what sets it apart from many other INGOs providing similar sort of relief and rescue services.

9. Cure Violence

Cure Violence – Domestic violence has many forms, but the feuds that end up with the use of arms are the worst ones. Cure Violence is an NGO that is trying hard to minimize the intensity of interpersonal violence, on a global level.

10. Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps – Concerned with relief and recovery programs, Mercy Corps is active in more than 43 countries as of now. The organization vows to speed up the process of recovery after a natural calamity or disaster of any sort. Long term rehab of the rescued people is the ultimate objective.

List Of Top Ngos In The World
List of top NGOs in the World


These are just the tip of the iceberg and even that is an exaggeration. There are so many National and international NGOs in the World operating around the clock that we cannot possibly mention them all here. However, we will do and hope that this article will serve as an insight for you, into the diverse world of international organizations in the world!

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