Ten Unknown Super Rich People

Ten Unknown Super Rich People

Money and fame go hand in hand but in this world there are some super rich people who are still unknown. Here is the list of such people. I have researched most for find information about ten unknown super rich people and got some information about the that I have share with you.

  1. Takemitsu Takizaki

Ten Unknown Super Rich People

Takizaki is a Japanese entrepreneur and he established the company Keyence in 1974.Yet he is unknown to many people despite being filthy rich.

2.      John Sall

Ten Unknown Super Rich People

John P. Sall (b. 1948) is a businessman and computer software designer, who co-established SAS Institute and created the JMPstatistical software. Even though he is quite rich yet he is not a known man to many.

  1. Birgit Rausing 

Ten Unknown Super Rich People

The widow of Gad Rausing, Birgit Rausing (born 1924) is a Swedish art historian and philanthropist. Her father-in-law founded the famous company Tetra pack but she herself is not a famous personality.

4.      Vladimir Kim

Vladimir Kim serves as a chairman of the Board of Kazakhmys and he is holding little bit more of one third (33.24%) share of the company.

5.      Bradley Hughes

Bradley Hughes owns thoroughbred horses and has the largest self-storage company in the world covering 2100 locations, 135 million square feet of rentable land in US and Europe. Surprisingly, he isn’t that well known despite being so wealthy.

  1. Didier Primat

Primat is the director of Schlumberger and won multimillion contracts from both Shell and Chevron yet is a very media shy person.

7.      DorothéaSteinbruch

Dorothea Steinbruch is the widow of Mendel Steinbruch, one of the founders of the Vicunha Group. Dorothea runs one of the biggest textile manufacturers in the world.

8.      Peter Buck

Peter Buck announced a $30 million donation to Danbury Hospital which is a great indicator of how much money he has.

  1. GüntherFielmann

GüntherFielmann is the creator, main shareholder and chief executive officer of Fielmann AG, a German optics company aiming on marketing eyewear.

  1. AnasSefrioui 

Ten Unknown Super Rich People

AnasSefrioui (born May 16, 1957 in Fes, Morocco) is a real estate capitalist from Morocco who is worth $1.3 billion as of November 2012.

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