World Post Day 2019 – 9th October World Post Day Quotes, Status & Greeting

World Post Day 2019 – 9th October World Post Day Quotes, Status & Greeting: World Post Office Day 2019! In Article, We will discuss of National Post Day 2019 in Canada, United States and United Kingdom. We would like to that World Post Day is held on 9th October every year in order.  This World Post Office Day is introduced by United States.

World Postal Day 2019:

Note: National Postal Day 2019 will be celebrated at Wednesday on October 9th 2019.

World Post Day 2019

World Post Day Quotes:

>>> “It is celebrated to encourage the countries to carry out various activities to generate the big awareness among people and media about its role and activities on a national level.”

>>> “The World Post Day aims increase the awareness of people about the postal sector role for people and businesses every day.”

>>> “It is celebrated to let the people about its contribution towards the social and economic development of the countries.”

World Post Day 2019 Theme:

>>> The theme of 2018 is yet to come.

>>> Theme for 2013 was “The Post Delivering for People and Businesses Daily”.

>>> Theme for 2012 was “Write a letter to an athlete or sports figure you admire to explain what the Olympic Games mean to you”.

>>> Theme for 2011 was “The Post, an invaluable public service”.

>>> The theme of 2016 was “Innovation, Integration and Inclusion”.

 >>> Theme for 2015 was “Tell us about the world you want to grow up in”.

World Post Day Celebration:

On this day, this day is celebrated in the worldwide and by various international organizations. We know, you might find high ranking officials making speeches or discussing the various achievements of a country’s postal system.

That is some countries issue special postage stamps to commemorate the day. In schools there could be special lessons for children. It is organized a letter writing competition for many years, with prizes being awarded on World Post Day 2019.

World Post Day 2019 Images:

World Postal Day

World Post Day

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